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IZEN 1 advanced bidet

IZEN 1 advanced bidet

IZEN 1 advanced bidet

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IZEN 1 is the best combination of comfort, reliability, and performance. With key features like our signature 3-in-1 wash, air dryer, and remote control.  

*Available in Elongated and Round, please double check which size is right for you. 

Wash features

Signature 3-in-1 wash system
Adjustable water temperature, pressure, and position
Bubble infused water stream
Oscillating wash option
Posterior wash
Wide front wash
Turbo wash

      Convenience features

      Wall-mountable wireless remote
      Self-cleaning wand
      Temperature adjustable seat
      Air drying
      Softclose seat and lid
      Quick release for simple cleaning
      Automatic power saver
      Safety sensor
      1 year warranty

          Size guide

            Wash Technology Innovations

            Comfort and cleanliness are the core focus of our wash technology. To achieve both, our R&D team developed a unique nozzle that infuses tiny bubbles into the water-stream. The result is superior cleaning power, lower water consumption, and higher comfort.


              IZEN 1 uses a built-in water tank to heats and stores warm water. Tank heating technology has long been the industry gold-standard, known for its reliability, consistency, and low power usage. Our technology has been refined over dozens of models to ensure a satisfying experience from start to finish.

            • SAFETY AND COMFORT

              Built in safety sensor activates the seat only if the user is properly seated. Soft-closing hinges provide a smooth, slow close that prevents slamming.


              IZEN 1 comes with a convenient wall-mountable remote. Every function has its own dedicated button, and is easy to see and operate. Customizable settings include water temperature, seat temperature, wash position, wash pressure, and wash pattern.

            • SELF CLEANING

              Advanced self-cleaning mechanism thoroughly washes the wand while flushing it with high pressure water, flushing out any impurities.