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Feel superior cleanliness

Experience a new level of cleansing for daily comfort and freshness. Smart bidet functionalities built into the toilet seat gently cleanses with warm soothing water. More hygienic than toilet paper.

Bubble infused
Unique nozzle design aerates the water stream, adding extra softness.

Warm-air dryer
Dry off with a built-in warm air drying systems with adjustable speed and temperature.
Feel superior cleanliness

Modern, luxurious comfort

The seat is kept warm at body temperature and gradually heats up to your desired setting, you can say good bye to the cold shock of a toilet seat.

Soft closing
Special hinge design on the seat and lid allows a smooth and slow close, preventing slamming.
Modern, luxurious comfort

Control at your fingertips

Every model comes with a convenient wall-mountable remote with dedicated buttons for each function. It’s easy to use and puts you in control.

Customize the experience from water temperature, seat temperature, water pressure, and even wash pattern.

Control at your fingertips

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Compatible with most toilets
Our flexible design allows wide compatibility with a broad range of toilet shapes and sizes. Double check your toilet size prior to purchase.
Easy installation
Installation is as easy as removing and replacing your existing toilet seat. No extra space or plumbing needed. All installation parts are included.
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We use Amazon to fulfill all orders. So delivery is fast and reliable, right to your door. Shipping is always Free.


What buyers say about our products

Fantastic bidet - probably my favorite purchase of the year… it is basically everything I wanted (except for a lid that goes up and down by itself...)…
The product arrived ahead of time and works great. We had an electronic bidet before and this works better than the last zone we had It quiet and was easy to install. So far a great product
Same as a biobidet, but cheaper (price-wise). Excellent product. You'll never go back after trying it.
Great product. Easy to install and use providing you read the instructions. These type of toilet seat are common all over …
IZEN 1 toilet seat is very similar to Biobidet seat but lacks deodorizer feature. I suspect it is made from same factory. Some far it is performing well and does not leak or lost warm water as the case with Biobidet seat
My wife was thrilled with her Christmas present!! :) It gets lots of use when we have parties ... a novelty!! We even had a friend who purchased one after using ours.